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Now is the time to bring people together. As your senator, I will be committed to bipartisan action for real change, not just talk.

Kim Hoey Stevenson

People Over Politics

The 6th State Senate District is a dynamic and beautiful place filled with people from all backgrounds and walks of life.  My service as your new State Senator will be focused on upholding our shared values of:

  • Enhancing Personal Responsibility
  • Expanding and Embracing Government Efficiency
  • Strengthening Public Safety
  • Supporting our Children and Seniors
  • Prioritizing the Values of Equality and Equal Opportunity

Here are just some of the challenges so many Cape Region residents have shared which are holding the 6th District back and not being addressed with thoughtfulness and collaboration by those currently holding legislative office:

Lack of Trust and Efficiency of Government:

Government’s role is to level the playing field, ensuring equal opportunity for all, not to dictate winners and losers.

We don’t need government mandates, telling us how to do things – or what car we should drive. It’s fine to set goals, but then let’s encourage free enterprise and individual initiative to figure out how to reach them.

Government works best when everyone has a voice.

  • End government mandates
  • Encourage free enterprise

Rampant Over Development/Preserving Farms and Lack of Open Space:

Sussex is the fastest growing county in the state. Land use is and should be a county issue, but the state’s farm land preservation and open space funds need to be strengthened to preserve our quality of life and protect our natural resources. We do not have an activist for the Cape Region in Dover advocating for our fair share and an increase in these funds.

  • Advocate for more funding to come to Sussex


Affordable workforce housing will take many different forms. As a start, I support Sussex County’s proposed Additional Dwelling Unit ordinance and will work with the county to make sure it supports our teachers, doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, and servers.

 As your senator, I will collaborate with our citizens, the county, local businesses, housing non-profits and our towns for practical answers.

  • Keep lines of communication open with the county and local governments
  • Support the Sussex County ADU ordinance

Our Schools:

For the first time in more than 10 years, Cape was denied state funding to expand our schools even though our high school is at capacity. A quality education includes a place to learn.

I will reopen the conversation on the state level for relief of over-crowding.

On Education: COVID isolation took a terrible toll on our students which we are seeing in low test scores, behavior problems and burn-out everywhere.

In conversations with teachers and administrators I hear again and again that government mandates on education are getting in the way of teaching and learning. I’m a former teacher, I know how hard these people are working. They don’t need more on their plates. Give them the goals and let them be the professionals we hired them to be in figuring out how to reach those goals.

 Educating our kids, should be a bipartisan conversation and partnership with parental input every step of the way.

  • Encourage Parent Input
  • Support teacher and district led lesson planning
  • Support state goal setting (and then getting out of the way)

Improving Healthcare Accessibility:

Strong schools, beautiful beaches, robust economy, and a decent place to live – these are some of the items that medical professionals look for when considering a move to the 6th District area. It’s no secret we need more doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, radiologists… you get the picture. There’s a shortage everywhere.

 Supporting strong healthcare career pathways in our local schools, Delaware Tech, Delaware State University and University of Delaware can help fill the void of needed services in this area.

I will work to make sure we have all those things, and support a proposed medical school that would bring new professionals to the area to help care for us all.

  • Support our local schools in healthcare pathways
  • Support a proposed medical school in Sussex County

Small Business:

Small business makes up 98-percent of all businesses in Delaware and employs almost half our workforce.  The Cape Region is the economic driver for our state.  Why are we continually hitting them with more mandates, regulations, taxes? We need to clear the way for our young entrepreneurs, make it easier and more streamlined to get them started. A prosperous and growing economy can help support all the other issues we are working on and as our new Senator, I will stand alongside and partner our local businesses as opposed to punishing them.

  •  Support cutting red tape to streamline processes and save money, grow the economy, create jobs

Would you like to volunteer?

Would you like to volunteer?

I am a responsive, responsible, and respected leader for Delaware families focused on:

Improving healthcare accessiblity

Safer roads

Championing our students & teachers

Strengthening our small businesses

Preserving farms and open spaces

Clean beaches and clean water

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Would you like to become one of our donors?

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